Plumber: New glass shower door

Glass Shower Door Explodes All Over Consumer Journalist

However, both bathrooms use shower curtains for the tub and stand-alone shower stall. We want to install glass shower doors, and want to know the different types available. Thanks! – Jean, Tenn. A: Glass shower doors generally come in one of four basic styles.
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One panel slides into the space of the other to provide access. – Bath screen: This is the door to look for when you want the benefits of a sliding tub or shower door, but you need even greater access. Bath screens have at least three sliding panels that provide easy entrance. – Steam: If you’re adding a steam unit to your shower area, a steam-type shower door should be installed. Such doors include a top section that completes a tight seal to hold in the steam.
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The heating process that turn glass into safety glass makes it resistant to direct impact, but also more susceptible to side impact. Here are some important maintenance tips to make sure your tempered glass doors dont blow up: Make sure all the panels are tightly affixed to the door system. Every so often make sure the fasteners on the shower door hardware are tight and snug. Check the bumpers and seals to make sure the glass panel doesnt touch the wall or metal when you move it. Check the door for chips or cracks, especially edges, notches and holes. commercial glass windows Houston
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Airstream 2 Go offers RV rentals with retro flair

Airstream interior

One of the spots has a concrete slab big enough for a camper and vehicle parking. Very good location. Clean,safe and very quiet. Located 3 miles outside of Slidell. Close to shopping and laundromat. Electricity,water and sewerage included.

Jucy Rentals compact Chrysler motorhome taking US by storm (Photos)

Jucy Rentals Champ RV campervan on a USA Roadtrip

If its a bright aluminum trailer with rounded curves, its got to be an Airstream. That shape owes its existence to Hawley Bowlus, a glider builder and designer who conceived it in the early 1930s after helping build the Spirit of St. Louis for Charles Lindbergh. Unfortunately for Bowlus, he was a better engineer than a businessman and the company struggled until master promoter Wally Byam took over, renamed it Airstream and launched a sales and marketing machine that capitalized on the trailer’s unique shape and then-futuristic styling. For many years, it had kind of a snob appeal, said Hesselbart. It was, Ive got one and you dont. Airstream 2 Go Airstream 2 Go outfits its interiors with a flat panel TV, iPod interface and beds for up to six with duvets and high thread-count sheets.
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National Parks but also music and arts festivals like Coachella, Stagecoach and Burning Man (the only permissible off-road rental destination) in Nevadas Black Rock Desert. The affordability of a Jucy rental is clearly a key customer selling point. A five-night Jucy RV package with insurance and miles plus the linen, towels, cutlery, crockery and cookware kits will run you around $500 which is considerably less than you would pay for a larger RV and only fractionally more than the cost of a standard (non RV) minivan rental. This no doubt accounts for Jucys popularity amongst the hiking, cycling and outdoor adventure fraternity who are focused on getting to their destination as swiftly as possible, as cheaply as possible, and absent the bevy of creature comforts that one normally associates with RV travel. According to Maya Dornig, Jucys U.S.A. manager, plans to continue united states the Jucyfication of North America are well under way and the companys blueprint for global domination naturally includes the addition of further U.S.
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More on Dulles, the man and the airport

Lawsuit claims Bethesda company denied workers wages they earned

Every major airport built since has done roughly the same thing, only now they use trains, rather than mobile lounges. Dulles really broke the old mold and started a new mold. Helping Childrens Hospital Pass the hat. Put out the coffee can. Hang an interoffice envelope on your door. Those are just a few ways to organize your co-workers into donating to Childrens National Medical Center during our annual fund drive.
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Loyola Warrior TII Helmet and Gear

2-tone Loyola Warrior TII Helmet with green face mask

22 in U.S. District Court, accuses WMS Solutions, which also has offices in Baltimore, of violating state and federal regulations by making employees pay for job-related equipment and training out of pocket and not paying them for time spent in required training courses. WMS supplies temporary employees to contractors to work in asbestos, mold and lead removal work, according to the complaint. The plaintiffs are seeking unpaid wages and the costs of training programs, physicals and personal protection equipment that the company is required by law to provide to employees at no cost, the complaint says.
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Dulles Airport.

Five-point attachment with three points dedicated to quick facemask removal. One-Piece shell/visor. Super lightweight helment (under 2.1 lbs). Meets or exceeds all current NOCSAE standards. Brine Lopro Arm Pads: A new pattern design increases overall flexibility without sacrificing protection. Ventilator moisture-controlling performance liner.
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Annapolis public housing community to get a makeover

Newtowne Housing 2

The answer to Newtowne’s woes won’t be clear for several months, at least. The housing authority just issued a “request for qualifications” to get an idea of whether private companies or organizations are interested in participating. After getting feedback, there will be a more formal request for proposals a few months later. The request seeks ideas for “comprehensive community revitalization” for Newtowne 20, which could run the gamut from renovations to rebuilding, possibly changing the number of units or even the configuration of the neighborhood currently two cul-de-sac courts at the end of Newtowne Drive. Official say the revised neighborhood may include traditional public housing units as well as some market-rate units.
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Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool 5.2 Released

The app works on all Windows versions still supported by Microsoft

The software maker has apparently released an updated version of the Malicious Software Removal Tool a bit earlier, as version 5.2 is already up for grabs for those running Windows. As you most likely know by now, the app is specifically designed to remove specific forms of malware from your computer, but it cannot be used as a full-time anti-virus solution. Microsofts Malicious Software Removal Tool works flawlessly on all Windows versions still supported by the Redmond-based company, including the ancient XP, Vista, 7, and 8. Both 32- and 64-bit editions work just fine.
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Fake “Internet Security” Virus Storms Internet, Infecting Thousands of Computers

The virus has already infected several thousand users around the nation, and appears to sneak by even the most effective anti-virus software. The malware removal experts at Online Virus Repair Inc. have seen a number of clients infected with this particular virus, and have prepared a fast and effective method for quick resolution to the annoying virus. Dan Steiner, President at Online Virus Repair Inc. explains “This particular type of malware is very common. Our team sees a great deal of this type of infection on the daily basis, so we’re well prepared to take care of it.” Unlike traditional virus removal methods commonly utilized by local computer shops, Steiner’s company provides remote support, which is significantly faster and much easier for clients. Instead of unplugging cables, wires, and other peripherals from the infected machine, computer-users with malware infections can quickly call or chat with a technician, who can then connect in via a tiny secure applet, removing any traces of malware. The service also includes patches to commonly exploited plugins, adware removal, and a number of other preventive maintenance procedures to better protect computers from future virus infections, and to boost the performance of the computer.
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