Airstream 2 Go offers RV rentals with retro flair

Airstream interior

One of the spots has a concrete slab big enough for a camper and vehicle parking. Very good location. Clean,safe and very quiet. Located 3 miles outside of Slidell. Close to shopping and laundromat. Electricity,water and sewerage included.

Jucy Rentals compact Chrysler motorhome taking US by storm (Photos)

Jucy Rentals Champ RV campervan on a USA Roadtrip

If its a bright aluminum trailer with rounded curves, its got to be an Airstream. That shape owes its existence to Hawley Bowlus, a glider builder and designer who conceived it in the early 1930s after helping build the Spirit of St. Louis for Charles Lindbergh. Unfortunately for Bowlus, he was a better engineer than a businessman and the company struggled until master promoter Wally Byam took over, renamed it Airstream and launched a sales and marketing machine that capitalized on the trailer’s unique shape and then-futuristic styling. For many years, it had kind of a snob appeal, said Hesselbart. It was, Ive got one and you dont. Airstream 2 Go Airstream 2 Go outfits its interiors with a flat panel TV, iPod interface and beds for up to six with duvets and high thread-count sheets.
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National Parks but also music and arts festivals like Coachella, Stagecoach and Burning Man (the only permissible off-road rental destination) in Nevadas Black Rock Desert. The affordability of a Jucy rental is clearly a key customer selling point. A five-night Jucy RV package with insurance and miles plus the linen, towels, cutlery, crockery and cookware kits will run you around $500 which is considerably less than you would pay for a larger RV and only fractionally more than the cost of a standard (non RV) minivan rental. This no doubt accounts for Jucys popularity amongst the hiking, cycling and outdoor adventure fraternity who are focused on getting to their destination as swiftly as possible, as cheaply as possible, and absent the bevy of creature comforts that one normally associates with RV travel. According to Maya Dornig, Jucys U.S.A. manager, plans to continue united states the Jucyfication of North America are well under way and the companys blueprint for global domination naturally includes the addition of further U.S.
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