With Fewer Foreclosed Homes To Buy, Investors Move To Standard Sales

From Real Estate Investing 101 to Cutting Edge Techniques

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“It has gotten to the point where I do not even return the call.” As it turned out, housing investors needed neither the prodding of the Federal Reserve nor the bulk foreclosure sales from Fannie Mae, which never materialized beyond the pilot phase. The single-family rental industry now has several major players in multiple markets, with some recently created companies trading publicly. The mix of investors and their strategies are shifting, with large financial firms starting to pull back and smaller players moving in, looking to buy, fix and flip homes for a quick profit. But rapid price increases are making it harder for people to afford a house and qualify for a home loan. And the short-term mentality worries some economists. “Flippers are selling to other flippers, who are selling to other flippers, until there is nobody to flip the home to,” said John Burns, a housing industry consultant in Irvine.
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For a $100,000 retail value house this means buying for $65,000. Of course, the trick is finding the properties needing the least expensive repairs. One of the basics of real estate investing is you need to have plenty of profit margin in the deal to make the risk worth taking. An important part of this real estate investing technique is rehabbing in the right neighborhoods. This is where many beginning investors go wrong. They mistakenly think the place to begin is with run down houses in a bad neighborhood because deeply discounted house are easier to find there.
For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit http://realtybiznews.com/from-real-estate-investing-101-to-cutting-edge-techniques/98722166/


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